I’m Laura.

I’m an author, a speaker, and a pursuer of God in all parts of my life. I look for Him in the easy parts, and I look for Him in the nasty, hard bits too.

I share our story in my book, Fly a Little Higher, How God Answered a Mom’s Small Prayer in a Big Way. It’s a story about a kid, my kid, Zach Sobiech, his battle with bone cancer, and how his song “Clouds” changed people… like, really, really changed them.

Through speaking, I continue to share Zach’s inspiring story, reminding people that even the smallest act of love can transform our world and that life is about something so much bigger than what we see in front of us. Zach taught us that even a dying teenager from a small town in Minnesota can bring hope to our world. That story of hope, and the remarkable things that followed Zach’s extraordinary rise to international recognition and heartbreaking death, gives us all a glimpse of just how big big can get.

I have shared our story internationally with both secular and faith-based groups, including: women’s groups, youth groups; high school, middle school and college assemblies, school district, healthcare provider, and pharmaceutical corporation conferences, as well as non-profit conferences/fundraisers and a state prayer breakfast.

Before the extraordinary part of our story happened, my life was pretty ordinary.

I was raised in Lake Elmo, a small town just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. I’m the oldest of seven. Growing up, we didn’t have much money, but our home was always open to people who needed a soft place to land for a while (at one point in time we had seventeen people living in our house). Mom and Dad taught us that Christ shows up in different ways and forms, and it is best to open the door whenever one gets the opportunity.

I met my husband Rob when I was nineteen; we married when I was twenty and I had our first of four children when I was twenty-one. Which means, while I was raising my kids, they were, in a sense, raising me. I spent my twenties caring for babies and trying to figure out what my purpose in life was. I spent my thirties with a solid understanding that my mission field was my home. And I spent my forties preparing my kids for both life and death.

Some other things about me: I volunteer as a firefighter/EMT, I work as a community outreach coordinator at Children’s Cancer Research Fund, I like to knit socks while listening to 70’s Lite Rock, I love to vacuum, I prefer deep conversations to small talk. My perfect day would be a Minnesota blizzard outside, a pot of soup on the stove and thousand piece puzzle waiting to be put together.

I believe in the power of faith, the power of a story, and the power of a smile. I have witnessed through our story how God can use average people to change the world in extraordinary ways.